Isi buku ini dimuat untuk mengetahui perkembangan modern Politik Internasional.

Part One: Concepts
The Nation State System: National Power, Balance of Power and Collective Security S R T P Sugunakara Raju
Role of National Interest Farah Naaz
Diplomacy: Nature, Form and Relevance Mehtab Manzar
Colonialism and Neocolonialism: Impact of Decolonization Furqan Ahmad
Disarmament, Arms Control and Nuclear Proliferation M Muslim Khan
Part Two: Theories
Liberalism Farah Naaz
Realism Rumki Basu
Marxism Krishnaswamy Dara
Feminism Krishnaswamy Dara
Postmodernism and Constructivism in International Relations Krishnaswamy Dara
Part Three: Issues
Globalization: Meaning and Dimensions Adnan Farooqui
The United Nations: Changing Role Rumki Basu
Human Rights and International Politics Mehtab Manzar
The Global Environment: Issues and Debates Rumki Basu
Terrorism Adnan Farooqui
Development and Security: Changing Paradigms Rumki Basu
Part Four: India’s Foreign Policy and Bilateral Relations
Basic Determinants of India’s Foreign Policy and Bilateral Relations Mohammed Badrul Alam